quick and easy gluten free dessert

Do you have gluten free company coming and want to make a gf dessert, but don’t want to invest in the expensive flours and other ingredients? Or do you already cook gluten free but just want something quick and easy to throw together? The Betty Crocker gluten free Devil’s Food cake mix might be your answer. betty crocker gluten free chocolate cake mix-001 Continue reading

gluten free pumpkin tarts

pumpkin tarts. gf and me 2013.I found this fabulous recipe for cupcakes on fantasy author S. J. Wolff’s blog,  Wolff’s Realm. I converted it and the result was awesome – they disappeared before I could even get a photo! So I made them again, added a ginger cookie and coconut crust, and didn’t tell anyone until I had a picture to post! The ginger and coconut flavours combined beautifully with the pumpkin, the crumbs added a bit of texture, and the tarts also came out of the pan easier.

This would also be great with Mary’s Magnificent Pie Crust!

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Coconut pie crustThis is a post from last October. We have been craving pumpkin lately so we thought we’d post it again for other fall pumpkin fans! Continue reading

fall caramel bars

caramel bars. gf and me 2013.If you like caramel corn, you’ll love these super-easy, super-tasty bars. We usually eat them plain but for a special treat you can add a layer of melted chocolate, popcorn or dried fruit. They can even be cut or sculpted into fun holiday shapes – think leaves or jack-o-lanterns for fall – and decorated with icing and candy.

This recipe is adapted from one we found on the inside of a Kellogg’s Rice Krispies box years ago.

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decadently dark chocolate cake … gluten free but NOT cocoa free :)

This recipe makes a large, rich cake that’s moist and full of chocolaty goodness. Great with chocolate icing for a double chocolate hit but we also recommend eating it naked (the cake, that is) or with a scoop of vanilla ice cream. Baked as a round layer cake, it’s also great for birthdays! gluten free chocolate cakeTIP: If you like mocha, top your cake with coffee whip. Recipe included below.

NOTE: We posted this recipe early on when we started this blog and wanted to repeat it for our new followers. Apologies to those of you who have already seen it.

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Robin Hood Nutri Flour Blend Chocolate Chip Cookies

This week, instead of pie, Mary delivered a batch of chocolate chip cookies made with Robin Hood’s new gluten free flour blend. The cookies had a slightly grainy texture (likely because of the rice flour in the flour’s ingredients and absolutely no fault of Mary’s!) but other than that were light, tasted fantastic, and lasted on the counter for a couple of days without going stale. She also brought a bag of the flour so we could try using it in some of our own recipes. Updates to follow! chocolate chip cookies. gf and me 2013.Below is a copy of the recipe which can also be found on the back of the bag of flour. FYI: the ingredients for the flour mix are rice flour, sugar beet fibre, potato starch, and tapioca starch.

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scones sweet scones

These gluten free scones are surprisingly light and taste great warm or cold. Make them even better by adding cheese (as pictured here) or raisins – whatever you can imagine! They also make a great base for open sandwiches. Scroll down for the recipe.gluten free scones by gf and me.

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chicken and shrimp jambalaya

A while ago the telephone rang and it was our sister-in-law Tina inviting us over for an impromptu dinner. On the menu was an incredible chicken and shrimp Jambalaya that was absolutely jam-packed with spicy Cajun flavours and much healthier than the traditional version. She kindly gave us the recipe so we could share it here. Turns out, it’s from the cookbook Looney Spoons by Janet and Greta Podleski. Glancing through Tina’s copy, I see they have many fine looking gf recipes – might need to get a copy ourselves!.

shrimp jambalayaP.S. Apologies for the stock photo. It’s a bit awkward to insist on plating and photographing your meal when you’re a guest in someone’s house! Continue reading


What’s a tortizza, you ask? It’s the super-tasty, super-easy single-serving “cheater” gluten free pizza that uses the dough for gf and me’s potato flour tortillas for the crust. They make a great after school snack or quick lunch. Keep a jar full of the dry ingredients for the dough on hand and whip them up one or two at a time as you need them.

tortizzas! gfandme 2013.Scroll down for the recipe.

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gluten free bread sticksbread sticks – try these dipped in butter!

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