Gluten Free Almond Roca

I wish I could photograph the crunch and the sweet toffee goodness of this almond roca – not to mention the buttery caramel scent of my kitchen at the moment! This candy is easy to make – it takes about an hour – and tastes like the real thing. You can add chocolate if you want, but we like it just like this!

~scroll down for the recipe~

almond rocaThis recipe came from a friend of ours from Vancouver B.C.. Thanks Carol!

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gf and me’s favorite fall entertaining recipes

15 GLUTEN FREE HOLIDAY RECIPES PERFECT FOR THANKSGIVING OR CHRISTMAS. gluten free thanksgivingWith American Thanksgiving just around the corner, Geoff and I thought that – even though it feels like midwinter here – we’d post some of our favorite fall recipes for our readers further south. As always, all of the recipes are gluten free. HAPPY HOLIDAYS!

holiday honey mustard ham

gluten free scalloped potatoes au gratin (Our most searched for recipe!)

holiday roast turkey

gluten free apple and raisin stuffing

grilled turkey breast

maple glazed roasted roots

gluten free white bread mini loaves

gluten free crusty bread (Our most popular recipe by far!)

gluten free pumpkin tarts

gluten free pumpkin pie cheesecake

pumpkin cupcakes

mary’s marvelous gluten free cream puffs

mary’s magnificent gluten free pastry (perfect for your apple or pumpkin pies!)

gf and me’s gluten free rustic apple tarts

almond flour Danish pastry (our favorite recipe of all time!)


gf and me’s gluten free nuts n’ bolts snack mix

gluten free nuts and boltsGreat for parties, game nights, family movie nights, or even as a gift, these nuts ‘n bolts are a spicy, salty, and extra crunchy treat. Your GLUTEN-EATING friends will LOVE THEM and your GLUTEN-FREE friends will LOVE YOU for making them! The recipe makes a big batch so you may want to half it. However, they do last for up to three weeks in the cupboard and can be kept even longer in the freezer.

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Best Au Gratin Scalloped Potatoes – and they’re gluten free too!

These gluten free scalloped potatoes are cheesy and creamy and made completely without flour. They make a great side dish with ham and reheat wonderfully in the microwave, oven, or on the stove top. gluten free cheesy scalloped potatoes

 Looking for gluten free recipes? Try our Alphabetical Index with everything from apple cake to waffles!

food pictures gluten free gfandmeAlphabetical Recipe Index for

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fruit filled gluten free oatmeal muffins – keep them on hand for a quick breakfast

These muffins are like a light & fluffy bowl of oatmeal! Make them on the weekend and enjoy them warm from the oven, and then keep the rest in the freezer for a quick on-the-go meal. They are hearty and wholesome and the coconut flour and fruit filling keep them super moist.

gluten free oatmeal muffinsOats lower cholesterol, are an excellent source of plant protein, and good source of iron. However, not everyone who has celiac disease can tolerate oats, even when the oats are gluten free. If you have questions, talk to your physician or dietitian.

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slow cooker roast beef – makes an amazing gf beef dip!

slow cooker roast beefSomething about January makes me want to pull out the ol’ slow cooker. Maybe its the cold temperatures, the need for comfort food, or just that I’m a bit tired of cooking all those elaborate holiday meals and just want something waiting for me at the end of the day. Whatever the reason, one of the first recipes I haul out of my recipe box after Christmas is “slow cooker roast beef.”

Born out of desperation, this dish has become one of our all-time favorites. B.C. (before celiac disease), one of Geoff’s favorite things to order when we went out for lunch was a beef dip sandwich. After his diagnosis, he went for years without those salty, juicy, meaty and chewy sandwiches. Then we discovered Udi’s Baguettes and decided to tackle a gluten free beef dip sandwich using the slow cooker. The slow cooked roast beef is really good on its own – nicely browned and full of beef flavour – which is why we are posting it as its own recipe. Give it a try – and if you have any leftovers, we highly recommend the beef dip! The jus is salty and savory with just a bit of spice. (Scroll down or click on ‘continue reading’ for the recipe.)

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gluten free beef dip sandwichBeef Dip (need we say more!)

gluten free egg noodle casseroleegg noodle casserole (not a slow cooker recipe but another warm-you-up, comfort food)

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gluten free and dairy free sandwich bread – it’s awesome!

gluten free sandwich bread

We love our crusty breads but we have been searching for a really great recipe for gf sandwich bread. Then Geoff’s massage therapist – the BEST massage therapist – told him about this recipe she’d found on the Gluten Free Real Food website. IT IS FANTASTIC! The crust is crusty but not hard and the crumb is soft and malleable with lots of good air pockets. It produces a good size loaf (bigger than our old bakery wheat bread), slices thin or thick, freezes well and can be lightly thawed in the microwave. Oh, and it tastes great too – sweet, salty, and a bit nutty. As for shelf life, it’s still good on day two and just starts to lose its flavour and fluff on day three – not bad for a no preservative bread of any kind!

Find a link to the recipe and more information below.

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