gluten free apple and raisin stuffing

Our thanksgiving stuffing (or dressing) is sweet and savory and with a tender bite. Based on a traditional family recipe that’s loaded with onions, raisins, and apples, it’s not too spicy and lets the flavours of all of the ingredients come through so that every mouthful is a bit different from the last. This is a great basic recipe, though, so indulge your inner foodie and make it your own with additional spices, dried fruit, nuts – you get the idea!gluten free stuffing from gfandme.comIf you already have a favorite non-GF stuffing recipe that you want to convert be prepared to add extra moisture to the mix.

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What you’ll need:

1 pound gluten free sausage

TIP: Most sausage meat comes laden with wheat crumbs so make sure you buy a variety that is gluten free.

2 cups gluten free bread cubes

TIP: Make your own with gf bread. Just slice into cubes and let dry on the counter overnight or dehydrate in a low temperature oven.

1 to 1 ¼ cup half and half cream (gluten free chicken broth also works)

¼ to ½ teaspoon poultry seasoning (depending on your personal taste)

Salt and pepper to taste

1 onion (finely chopped)

½ cup celery (finely chopped)

1 cup of raisins

1 cup of diced apples.

What you’ll do:

Preheat oven to 350 degrees

Mix together sausage, cubes, spices, and cream in mixer. Start with lesser amount of cream and add more if needed. The sausage mixture should feel moist and stick together nicely.

Remove bowl from mixer and add the onion, celery, apples and raisins (and/or other fruit etc.). I like to mix this in by hand to avoid squashing the fruit.

Firmly press the mixture into a loaf pan and bake covered for 40 minutes. Remove cover and continue baking until the stuffing reaches an internal temperature of 170 degrees, about 20 – 30 minutes.

TIP: This can be baked ahead of time, refrigerated, and reheated in the oven, microwave, or fry pan for dinner.

This stuffing can also be cooked in the cavity of the turkey. Just be sure it reaches a temperature of 170 degrees.


13 thoughts on “gluten free apple and raisin stuffing

  1. This does look good. I would likely have to use something like porcini mushrooms or wild rice instead of sausage, since I don’t eat meat but I love the ideas and the broth and meat are easily substituted by vegan products. Great suggestion!

  2. Thanks for this. It looks delicious and solves the constant issue of how to deal with the stuffing issue. (With 3 Coeliacs in the extended family, it tends to be easier to cook a Christmas meal that is totally gf). I’ll bookmark it to use at Christmas time (cannot believe it’s so close!). What is half and half cream?

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  4. I am LOVING this recipe, I was just given about 5lbs of deer & hog meat & sausage, and I need to eat it to make some room in the freezer! Lol, I will definitely be trying this recipe, and if it works well, I will be tagging you in it, for the original recipe! Thanks so much for the inspirational posts, @gfandme! -Ami

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