gf and me’s potato flour tortillas

These gluten free and dairy free tortillas taste like wheat tortillas and won’t go soggy when baked in dishes like enchiladas. They taste great and are easy to make. The recipe below makes 9 – 10 tortillas but you can also mix the dry ingredients together in a large batch and store in a sealed container. When you want a tortilla, combine the dry mix with water at a ration of about 2:1, adding water by the tablespoon if needed. In other words, one cup of dry ingredients and 1/2 cup water will make 4 four-inch tortillas, 1/2 cup dry ingredients and 1/4 cup water will make two!

potato flour tortilla. gfandme.comTIP: If you find yourself missing a good ol’ peanut butter sandwich, try slathering a tablespoon or two of your favorite peanut butter onto one of these. Amazing! OR Try one wrapped around a hotdog for a great summer treat.

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sinful chocolate mousse cake: the frozen version

Here is a cool-me-off summertime version of our most popular post: sinful chocolate mousse cake. Just like the oven version, it’s full of divine chocolate flavour but it’s even more melt-in-your-mouth amazing. This recipe doesn’t need any extra equipment like an ice cream maker – just a pot and a pan! sinful chocolate mousse cake: freezer versionThis chocolate ice cream recipe was inspired by a recipe for “Fudge Ice Pops” published in the Sunday, July 21st edition of Red Deer Life magazine.

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grilled turkey breast

Looking for something a little different to cook on the BBQ? Try this – the boneless, skinless turkey breast comes off the grill tender and juicy with just a hint of teriyaki flavour. Leftovers are fantastic in a turkey-havarti panini served with cranberries (made with GF bread of course)!

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spiced carrot cake – just like grandma makes (only gluten and dairy free)

Made with a combination of coconut, quinoa, and rice flour, this gluten free carrot cake brings together the flavours of cinnamon, nutmeg, and vanilla with just a hint of cloves. The crushed pineapple and shredded carrots make it moist and keep it tasting fresh for days – but then, it’s so good, you won’t need to worry about that.spiced carrot cake. gf and me 2013.Recipe for not-too-sweet icing included below.

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bbq ginger-lemon chicken – roast chicken is no longer just for Sunday

Ginger-Lemon Chicken. gf and me 2013.

I know, I know, it looks a little odd on its roost (or should I say ‘roast’?), but this chicken is so tender, tasty, and easy to make, it’s sure to become a recipe staple. A gf friendly variation of beer can chicken, once the poultry is prepped and on the grill, you close the lid and walk away!

Stand the chicken on your grill by using the can and drumsticks to make a tripod or use an accessory like the one in the photo that holds the can and stabilizes the bird. These can be found in the BBQ supply section of numerous kitchen stores – and they’re dishwasher safe.

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coconut-rhubarb brown betty

This versatile brown betty recipe has a sweet, crumbly topping that compliments the fruit compote beneath it perfectly. It gets its amazing coconut flavour from three sources: shredded coconut, coconut oil, and coconut flour. coconut-rhubarb brown betty. gf and me 2013Serve a spoonful over a scoop of premium vanilla ice cream or dairy free coconut ice cream for an informal dessert or easy weeknight treat.

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Here’s a great family-friendly recipe for a crushed ice drink that will cool everyone down in the summer heat! If you’re looking for something more adult, serve in a hurricane glass with an ounce of rum.

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tina’s three-ingredient slow cooker pulled pork

tina's pulled pork. gf and me 2013Throw three simple ingredients in your slow cooker in the morning and have amazingly tender pulled pork ready for dinner. Serve it on a gluten free bun (or Udi’s bagel as shown here) with coleslaw or potato salad and a New Planet Blonde Ale – can summer evenings get any better?

Great for informal entertaining, this pork tastes like BBQ ribs but is soooo much easier! It is inspired by our sister-in-law’s recipe. Thanks Tina for the recipe and for all the great GF meals!

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gf and me’s old fashioned nut butter cookies

Make these soft, chewy, and not-too-sweet gluten free cookies with your favorite peanut or almond butter. The choice is yours, but make a double batch ‘cause they won’t last long – and they are even better the second day!gluten free peanut butter cookiesThis is a conversion of one of our favorite pre-GF recipes.

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slow cooker swiss steak – great for hot summer days

Braised in a garlic and onion tomato sauce that is fantastic served over rice or gluten free noodles, this steak is melt-in-your-mouth tender. AND it is prepared in the slow cooker which is great on those busy days – summer or winter. Throw everything in the pot in the morning, turn it on, and dinner is ready at five o’clock – right when the last thing you feel like doing is cooking a meal!

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