2015 Gluten Free Thanksgiving Recipe Round Up

gluten free thanksgiving recipes. gfandme.com

Looking for gluten free Thanksgiving recipes?

Here are an even dozen of gfandme’s most popular posts just in time for the holidays.

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Gluten free recipes from Red Deer, Alberta, Canada


gluten free buns from gfandme.com. also rice and egg free and can be dairy free as well.

gluten free dinner rolls. gfandme.com

roasted turkey recipe from gfandme.com

gluten free stuffing from gfandme.com

gluten free cheesy scalloped potatoes. gfandme.com

Honey-Mustard Ham

gluten free cream cheese pastries. gfandme.com

no bake Danish apple cake. gfandme.com

danish pastry gluten free


pumpkin tarts. gf and me 2013.

gluten free pumpkin pie cheesecake

Mary's Magnificent Pastry. gf and me.Happy Thanksgiving!


gluten free cream cheese pastries

This recipe came about through desperation. Geoff and I were recently on a vacation to one of those holiday destinations where bakeries and treats abound, but, as usual, there was next to nothing that was gluten free. Sure we could go to the grocery store and buy prepackaged gluten free cookies, but it’s just not the same as biting into something sweet and crispy and oh-so-dreamy from the bakery case! Other than that, though, our vacation was great (read: warm and without snow). It also turned out to be inspiring because when we got home we decided to create a recipe that would look and taste as good as all those confections on display. I think we nailed it! gluten free cream cheese pastries. gfandme.comThese cream cheese pastries are crisp and flaky on the outside and soft and creamy and sweet in the middle. Geoff says they are better than anything he’s had in a longgg time! And they are versatile: make them with your favorite fruit pie filling – cheery, apple, blueberry … whatever you can imagine. Drizzle them with glaze or melted chocolate, dust them with icing sugar, or just leave them plain, which is the way we like ’em. (Scroll down for the recipe.)

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gluten free danish apple cakeDanish apple cake (not just for Christmas!)

gluten free cream pie crust. gfandme.compie crust for cream pies – banana, coconut, chocolate mmmmmmmm

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Need gluten free lunches? Check this out!

Mango SorbetWe have been following glutenfreelunchboxes.com for years now and really enjoy Kate’s inventive recipes and wonderful photos. If you have children who need gluten free lunches, or are just tired of the same old lunches yourself, check out her new site and her new e-cookbook! Well done Kate!

gluten free slow cooker bread

gluten free slow cooker bread. gfandme.comAs we’ve said before, come January we start pulling out the slow cooker for some mid-winter comfort foods. But slow cookers can be used for more than roasting and stewing, as this gluten free slow cooker bread demonstrates! This bread is heavy and sweet like a rye bread but I think my favorite thing about it is that it actually GETS BETTER WITH AGE! It’s good on the day you bake it, better the next day, and at its best the day after that. I think it’s the almond flour that keeps it moist and gets better as it slowly absorbs all the flavours. Whatever the reason, it’s not until day four that this bread finally starts to dry out and lose flavour. (I only know this because Geoff and I showed severe restraint while watching a wonderful golden loaf age away on our counter top. Four days was as much as we could take!) If you don’t like having a freezer full of half eaten loaves of gf bread, and you do like a heavy artisan-style loaf that has just a hint of Danish rye flavour, this is the recipe for you!

Scroll down or hit “continue reading” for the recipe.

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gluten free dinner rolls. gfandme.comgluten free dinner rolls (our lightest and fluffiest rolls)

gf crusty bread. gf and me 2013.gluten free crusty bread (our most popular post by far!)

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gfandme.com has a new background!

Winter Still LifeOur followers will know that we periodically switch out the backgrounds on our blog gfandme.com to suit the season or our culinary moods. Our latest background by Florida artist Jeanette Chupack with its winter windowscape and inviting table laden with simple fare happens to suit both! Entitled Winter Still Life, we particularly like the way it brings together and contrasts the two modes of painting, still life and landscape.

On her website, Jeanette writes that her ‘signature’ paintings typically emphasize “gardens and views from windows, usually with a related still life in the foreground” allowing her to “express the contrasts of a cultivated world of gardens, interiors and architecture with the natural landscape.” While they are all beautiful, Winter Still Life, commissioned by the original owners of Green Mountain Coffee Roasters, is one of our favorites.

Thank you to Jeanette for graciously allowing us to post her work on our site.

To see more of the artist’s work, visit her website at http://jchupackart.us/works


gluten free appetizers and snacks

party recipes gluten free-001 Looking for some ideas for gluten free snacks, appetizers & party fare for the holidays? Scroll down for a round up of gfandme.com’s favorite recipes for light entertaining!

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gluten free stained glass cookies

christmas stained glass gluten free cookiesThese cookies take a bit of work, but in the end, they are beautiful (and really, really tasty!) Make them as a gift. Your friends will appreciate the effort. Or make them as Christmas tree decorations – just pierce the top of the cookie with a hole before baking and thread with small ribbon after they have cooled. Placed in front of a Christmas light, these really shine. PLUS you can eat them on New Years Day (and remember – they are really, really tasty)

To make a stained glass cookie, you need a cookie dough that doesn’t spread while baking. If the dough spreads, it will obliterate the stained glass window in the middle. I tried to refine our brown sugar cookie recipe by adding more gf flour and using shortening instead of butter, but by the time I got the texture right, the cookie itself was dry and powdery. Then I remembered a recipe I’d seen on Simple Gluten Free Kitchen for linzer cookies and I decided to try it. It worked great! The dough rolled out nicely, didn’t spread too much, and the result is a mild almond and vanilla wafer. Besides stained glass cookies, these would be great glazed or sandwiched with jam or Nutella or dipped in chocolate for a dessert fondu.

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gf and me’s old fashioned nut butter cookies

Make these soft, chewy, and not-too-sweet gluten free cookies with your favorite peanut or almond butter. The choice is yours, but make a double batch ‘cause they won’t last long – and they are even better the second day! We call whatever you can fit in your hand a serving!gluten free peanut butter cookiesThis is a conversion of one of our favorite pre-GF recipes.

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