has a new background!

Winter Still LifeOur followers will know that we periodically switch out the backgrounds on our blog to suit the season or our culinary moods. Our latest background by Florida artist Jeanette Chupack with its winter windowscape and inviting table laden with simple fare happens to suit both! Entitled Winter Still Life, we particularly like the way it brings together and contrasts the two modes of painting, still life and landscape.

On her website, Jeanette writes that her ‘signature’ paintings typically emphasize “gardens and views from windows, usually with a related still life in the foreground” allowing her to “express the contrasts of a cultivated world of gardens, interiors and architecture with the natural landscape.” While they are all beautiful, Winter Still Life, commissioned by the original owners of Green Mountain Coffee Roasters, is one of our favorites.

Thank you to Jeanette for graciously allowing us to post her work on our site.

To see more of the artist’s work, visit her website at


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