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All You Cant eat buffet

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low carb gluten free cartoon

chef recommends      Cooking Your First Gluten Free Dessert

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Gluten Free Astrology from Based on a Sprue Story

SCORPIO: “Your magical birthstone is the topaz. It protects against enemies (fortunately, since you tend to make them).” For more, click here.

LIBRA:  “GF Libras struggle with trying to be all things to all people and therefore feel as though they’re never quite themselves, never wholly real. Often, they sense that something vitally important is missing from their lives. It’s probably gluten.” For more, click here.

VIRGO: “When you were first diagnosed with celiac or gluten intolerance, you wasted no time in clearing out the pantry, wiping down every surface, and perhaps even lining your drawers and resealing the dining room table.” For more, click here.

LEO: “… you don’t so much appreciate having your gluten-free needs met as expect it, regardless of venue, language barrier, amount (or absence) of advance notice, type of cuisine, and Yelp reviews. I mean, maybe they’ve glutened a peon or two, but they wouldn’t dare cross-contaminate your gluten-free sandwich, right?” For more, click here.

CANCER: “This summer, I predict you’ll make new friends and keep the old—and perhaps bring them all together for a gluten-free cookout or two. Just steer clear of crabcakes. You’re a Cancer, not a cannibal.” For more, click here.

GEMINI: “They always have something—or several things—going on, because they pick up projects quickly and drop them just as suddenly. They’re the type of gluten-freer who heard “for life” and thought, “Is that even possible?”’ For more, click here.

TAURUS: “You are placid but intimidating; your friends know they can depend on you, but woe betide any who provoke your bullish temper by suggesting you’re taking your gluten-free diet a little too seriously or trying to force you to eat gluten.” For more, click here.

ARIES: “You are a “me-first” type who should follow your natural impulse this month to put your gluten-free needs front and center in every encounter, whether it be at a friend’s home or at a restaurant, thereby increasing awareness for the rest of us. We will hope that a GF Libra, your polar opposite, comes along shortly thereafter to soothe any hurt feelings you may have caused, thereby increasing good will toward the rest of us.” For more, click here.

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Danger zone!

Rubes Cartoon



“Free the Glutens” from Over the Hedge


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Gene Wilder

GF Humour

Julie Andrews from “The Blooming Jade

GF Humour

chef recommends

  John Pinetti on going gluten free! Hilarious!

“One Grain More”

Take it with a grain of salt.

Stuff Celiacs Say

So True!

Stuff People Say to Celiacs

Cecilia Parody

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