gf and me’s summer holiday gluten free entertaining ideas

FireworksMonday is Canada Day, a time for celebrations and summer get togethers with family and friends. Here are gf and me’s top recipes for a great summer BBQ!  Try one or two or put them all together for an unforgettable summer BBQ! Happy Canada Day!

1. Simple Iced Coffee:

iced coffeeA great way to cool down and relax on a hot summer afternoon.

2. Cedar Plank Salmon:


Perfect for entertaining: you put the plank on the grill and forget about it! Full of sweet and savory flavour, cedar plank salmon is a true West Coast classic.

3. Roasted Potatoes:

roasted potatoes

Compliments everything from fish to chicken to beef. Make it on the grill, in the oven, or in your Tfal fryer.

3. Orange and Strawberry Spinach Salad:

spinach salad

This salad is sweet and light and takes in all the best that the July markets have to offer.

4. Baked Beans:

Mary's Baked Beans

The perfect make ahead side dish. Great for pot lucks!

5. Strawberry Shortcake:

gluten free chiffon cake

A truly fantastic dessert. The red and white topping makes this perfect for Canada Day.

6. Home Made Ice Cream:

gluten free ice cream

Who doesn’t love fresh ice cream? Make it with the kids while you wait for the fireworks to start. And since it’s Canada Day why not add a few chopped red maraschino cherries?

ice cream – a recipe good enough to scream for

gluten free ice creamIf “we all scream for ice cream,” why is there gluten in it? Really, ice cream should be inherently gluten free but some brands aren’t and others may be cross contaminated. If you make it yourself, you KNOW it’s gf (and you can control the fat content). Besides, it’s fun to do and this recipe is soooo easy, your kids will want to do it. It makes about 5 cups of premium flavoured vanilla ice cream but can be used as a base for other flavours. See below for some suggestions, but the only limit is your imagination!

You will need an ice cream maker of some sort. We use a Cuisinart model and it works great, but if you don’t want to buy an expensive electronic model, try one of these ice cream balls from LL Bean instead.

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