stained glass Easter cookies – gluten free, of course!

I have wanted to make stained glass cookies ever since I saw some gingerbread stars in a magazine last December. When I came across some small Easter-themed cookie cutters, I figured spring would be the time to give it a try!

gluten free stained glass cookies

The trick turned out to be finding a cookie dough that doesn’t spread too much. If the dough spreads while baking, it will obliterate the stained glass window in the middle. I tried to refine our brown sugar cookie recipe by adding more gf flour and using shortening instead of butter, but by the time I got the texture right, the cookie itself was dry and powdery. Then I remembered a recipe I’d seen on Simple Gluten Free Kitchen for linzer cookies and I decided to try it. It worked great! The dough rolled out nicely, didn’t spread too much, and the result is a mild almond and vanilla wafer. Besides stained glass cookies, these would be great glazed or sandwiched with jam or Nutella. Scroll down for the recipe.

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