white chocolate lemon truffles

white chocolate lemon truffles. gfandme.comPerfect for a spring party, these bite-sized white chocolate truffles are melt-in-your-mouth creamy and oh-so-lemony. And all you need to make them is a microwave and a fridge! Here they are rolled in tinted coconut but they could also be rolled in sprinkles, or cocoa, or icing sugar. (Scroll down for the recipe!)

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white chocolate truffles

  • Servings: 20
  • Difficulty: really easy
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What you’ll need:

1 cup white chocolate chips

¼ cup butter (chopped into pieces)

3 tablespoons whipping cream

pinch salt

½ teaspoon vanilla

Lemon zest from ½ a lemon

¾ cup sweetened coconut

Optional: a few drops of food colouring

What you’ll do:

Put chocolate chips, butter, cream, and salt in a medium sized, microwave safe bowl. Cover and microwave on half power for 30 seconds. Remove and stir to melt the chips. If the chips do not melt while stirring, return to microwave and heat for another 15 seconds on half power.

Once everything is melted and mixed together, add the vanilla and lemon zest and mix until combined. Cover and place in fridge until the candy is hard enough to shape (about two to three hours).

Remove from fridge, and using a teaspoon, divide the candy into at least 16 portions.

TIP: We find these to be quite rich so we try to keep them on the smaller size.

Roll each of the portions into a ball and then roll in the coconut. If they get too soft to work, return them to the fridge for a few minutes.

TIP: To make these more spring-like, we tinted the coconut a pastel yellow. To tint coconut, place it in a bag or sealable container with a few drops of food colouring. Shake or stir until well coated. Cover and leave overnight.

TIP: These could also be rolled in icing sugar, cocoa, or sprinkles.

Return to fridge to harden and to store for up to a week. These are best served cold because they soften as they warm to room temperature. They still taste just as good, but they can be a bit messy – especially for little hands.

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    • Thanks for the reblog – and for working so hard to do it! I recently moved gfandme to gfandme.com and have been having some issues after the transfer. Can you tell me how you received the truffle post? Did it show up in your reader? I have been having trouble with the wordpress reader since I moved as well.

  2. This turned up in my WordPress reader (in response to your question above) and I curse you because now I’m going to have to make them and there goes my ‘no chocolate’ plan for tomorrow. (but only curse you a little bit because, YUM!)

  3. Love these. 🙂 I have some white choc chips left from the marshmallow bark. I’m going to make mine orange flavored since I’m obsessed with orange right now. 🙂 (I know you were asking someone else but just to add to the feedback…I got this post in my reader.)

    • Thanks Rural Route! And orange sounds fabulous. I’ll have to try it. (They’re also good with peppermint around the holidays!)

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