vegetable beef soup – a gluten free bowl of homemade comfort

Well, the holidays are over and if you’re like me, you’re now thinking of ways to shed those extra holiday pounds! Salads are a great way to do just that, but when you live as far north as we do, it’s very likely -20 degrees Celsius and snowing outside, and a cold salad is just not all that appealing. In January, when I’m staring down three or four more months of winter, I want something comforting – something that will warm me up from the inside – and something that will help me recover from my holiday food hangover! This vegetable soup certainly fits the bill. Great with or without beef, it’s hearty, delicious, low calorie, and comforting.

This soup freezes well so make extra and store it for quick lunches or dinners on those busy winter days. If you are like Geoff and prefer something more substantial, this recipe can easily be converted into a quick vegetable or hamburger stew that can be served on a bed of rice. Scroll down or click on “continue reading” for both soup and stew recipes. vegetable beef soup.

This soup pairs well with our

gluten free dinner rolls. gfandme.comgluten free dinner rolls
gluten free mashed potato biscuits. gfandme.commashed potato biscuits

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creamy baked potato soup – loaded up with everything but gluten

loaded baked potato soupTwo of the most comforting foods come together in this dish – creamy soup and baked potatoes – making it a sure bet to cure the effects of the cold, dark days of winter. The blended potatoes are what really make this soup thick and creamy and are a great base for the hints of sour cream and onion that come through. To be honest, we like this soup so much (and it’s so easy to make) that we enjoy it year round – especially when paired with our homemade gf croutons!

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gluten free cheesy cauliflower soup

gluten free cheesy cauliflower soupIf you live anywhere near North America, odds are you’re feeling the chill this week. This hearty soup is a great comfort food, perfect for a below zero snow day. To make it even healthier, use low sodium broth, skim milk and low fat cheese – you’ll hardly notice the difference.

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Dolores’s Ham and Pea Soup

This is Geoff’s mother’s family recipe for ham and pea soup. Easy to make with not a lot of ingredients it makes a basic soup that’s fabulous for dinner and can be frozen and reheated for quick lunches. It’s incredible… One of our favorite soups!

Gluten Free Pea Soup.

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