FIVE of’s BEST Super Bowl recipes – sssshhhhh they’re gluten free

gluten free football snacks. I should probably admit that I am not a huge fan of football. I never really learned the rules of the game so by the middle of the Super Bowl’s first down, I’m usually staring blankly at the television screen wondering why my lawn never looks that good – or my butt for that matter!

What I am a huge fan of, however, is football parties and especially the party food! Chips and dip… pulled pork … bowls of chili with cheese and sour cream and little shavings of green onions sprinkled on top. You name it, I probably love it. (Explains the butt thing, doesn’t it…)

If you’re hosting a football party (or just want something to nibble on while you watch the game), here’s a round-up of Geoff and my favorite gluten free Super Bowl recipes. These are sure to please gluten eaters and non-gluten eaters alike.

Not finding what you want? Try our alphabetic index for over 100 gf recipes!

Super Bowl Party Fare

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gluten free hamburger bunsclassic sliders (hardy AND cute – not a common combination!)

gluten free pretzel chickenpretzel chicken bites (make lots ’cause they will disappear FAST)

gluten free coconut shrimp recipecoconut shrimp (savory? sweet? why not both)

gluten free nuts and boltsnuts and bolts snack mix (one of our top 5 recipes of all time!)

gluten free pizza recipe. gf and meGluten free pizza (always a hit! and easier than you’d think)


gluten free onion soup mixclassic onion & sour cream chip dip (now, finally, gluten free!)

Not finding what you want? Try our alphabetic index for over 100 gf recipes!

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