gf and me’s easy banana bread

Makes a super banana bread that tastes great warm or cold and stays moist – even after a few days! You may want to make two of these so you can have enough for banana bread french toast in the morning. Amazing!cup 4 cup gluten free banana breadMy mom brought one of these over the other night. She’d made it using Cup 4 Cup gluten free flour and it was exceptionally good. Below you’ll find two versions of this recipe. Our old one – which is gluten and dairy free and is also great – and one using Cup 4 Cup flour which is shown in the photo above.

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gluten free sunday morning pancakes – we’re on Cloud 9

These pancakes are lightly sweetened with just a hint of a crust on the outside. They’re also easy to make so make lots ’cause you can freeze them. Try one thawed in the toaster with peanut butter or your favorite jam for a quick weekday breakfast.

Sunday Morning GF PancakesAny all purpose gf flour will work for these gluten free pancakes, but we like to use Cloud 9 – made in New Westminster, British Columbia and found at our local Costco. Made with Cloud 9 flour, these pancakes are high in fibre and protein and make a great meal Sunday morning or Tuesday night.

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Check out our decadent version of these awesome pancakes: Cinnamon Bun Pancakes

cinnamon bun pancakes: gluten free

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